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This is a great tool Empty This is a great tool

Post by jeramie on Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:31 pm

Hi all how are you? Good I hope and I hope you register. Like the rules state use your username in Evony for your username here. It makes it real nice and easy when reading the threads. If you are not a Tutonic member then too bad, you will not make it pass this thread. I am an administrator to this site and will check often for new registrations to be approved. It may take 24 hours till you get approved but not likely.
NEW Tutonic members, dont blow this site off. There is alot of great info here and this is also a great way to plan battles since we are not all online at the same time. We are a strong alliance and a tool like this is crucial for a long succsesfull game in Evony. Have a nice day everyone and I hope to see you all on this forum in the future.
Oh, sorry for bad spelling:)

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